Unity! HA! yer such a saint today
you may be anti racist but then you’re anti gay
you may be ignorant from a lack of education
but if it’s sympathy you seek
you better turn to another station

Intolerant society rears it’s ugly face
you’re turning your native music into a homophobic disgrace
the gay ones, the straight ones, the white tan yellow and black
gay rude boys and girls, we’re gonna take that dancehall back
we’ll take it back! 
because without respect there’s gonna be nothing left

This double standard just won’t sit that well with me
I come to say this and it’s just the way it has to be
you know i’m not PC i’ll shoot your kid at school
'cuz he's gonna grow up to be a fucking asshole just like you
you can celebrate your unity till every gay is dead
but why don’t you stop your fronting with real unity instead
and on a better dime on this shitty little globe 
we would crucify the racists and be bashing all the homophobes

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